COLUMN Coffee Dripper Red

COLUMN Coffee Dripper Red

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An ingenious coffee dripper by Japanese brand Kinto! The Column is a conical dripper designed to make 1 cup of coffee (around 150ml). The filter, filter holder, saucer and measuring spoon all fit together to take no space at all in your kitchen or in the office. Enjoy a cup of Slow Coffee!

-Easy to use compact dripper

-No paper filter needed

-Simple disassembly for easy cleaning

-Filter Material: Stainless Steel

-Filter Casing Material: polypropylene -

-Filter Lifespan: permanent

-Holder Material: ABS resin

-Size: 1 cup

-For cup/server diameters: 70-95mm

-Height: 70mm

-Dishwasher Safe (all parts)

-Country of Origin: Japan