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Our Craft Beers have been carefully selected for you to enjoy as many varieties as possible.

Fill up your growler and take it with you to a gathering with family and friends.
We have affordable take-out growlers you can fill up, in case you don't have your own.
There's enough beer to go around for everyone!
Drip and Draft carries the following beers listed below:

Turning Wheels Craft Brewery

Turning Wheels Craft Brewery is the first of its kind in Cebu, Philippines and has been created through the passion of brewing and drinking fine handcrafted beer. By utilizing local and imported all natural ingredients Turning Wheels Craft Brewery is able to create a truly unique and enjoyable product.



Proudly brewing in the heart of Cebu City. Their beers are the product of the love for the taste, process of brewing, and the way it makes their fellow beer lovers feel. Using chosen resources, Bauhinia Brewery Proudly shares some of their favorite taste profiles with us to share with you.