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drip and draft interior

Drip and Draft came about when two friends, both coffee and craft beer enthusiasts, were enjoying a coffee and a beer together and thought how wonderful it would be to be able to enjoy both drinks in one place.  From that day onward, the concept of Drip and Draft had to happen, and it did.

Drip and Draft is a Cebu-Based Third Wave Café and Beer Bar located in Streetscape, Maria Luisa Road, Paseo Saturnino, Banilad, Cebu. Our space is roughly 200sqm; enough to feel comfortable to work, catch up with a friend, engage in a meeting, with our fast internet while socially distancing from one another. Our Fiber Optic WiFi will never let you down. Our space is made with premium furniture,  fully loaded display shelves with home brewing equipment, and merchandise to support your coffee and beer shopping cravings. Our eye catching La Marzocco Espresso machine only gives you the best coffee along with our freshly roasted Single Origin Coffee beans, roasted right in front of you. And if you don't feel like staying indoors, our Al Fresco seating will not disappoint you. Enjoy our specialty coffee or freshly poured craft beer outdoors. Did we mention really fast internet?

We aim to highlight the best ingredients in our drinks. We aim to breathe quality in every sip. 

Drip and Draft has a more specific selection of Specialty Coffee Beans, Filter coffees with a wide array of brewing methods, mouth watering espresso-based drinks, specialty loose leaf teas, cold brew coffee and cold brew tea, cold-pressed juices, carefully selected Craft beers on tap, and let's not forget the Brunch food!

We decided to put together more specialty products everyone can enjoy all in one place. This idea of ours has been carefully plotted out to ensure that our products are brought to its maximum potential. We owe it to our coffee farmers, and craft beer brewers to bring out the best flavors in these products to do their hard work justice.

Let our expert baristas and accommodating staff provide you the kind of service that is bound to make you feel important.